Brandi Reinhardt

Licensed Professional Counselor and

Integrative Life Coach

My mission

I help you tap into your ability to gain independence, reignite your passions, and accomplish your goals.

Hey, I’m Brandi!

Brandi is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been a counselor for over 6-years and has worked in various levels of care.

Counseling is Based in Dallas and Plano. Coaching globally.

Work Together

Licensed Professional Counseling

I believe that the counselor-client relationship is a journey of connection and a reciprocal dynamic of sharing, receiving, understanding, and commencing action. That is why my logo is an infinity, which represents balance, empowerment, and endless possibility.

Coaching - Private and group

Pairing spirituality and practice, we work together to overcome blocks and heal different centers through various modalities helping you connect to Source/Universe.

This is about a spiritual lifestyle – not just a practice!


When the client is continually investing in the counseling process, then they are continually healing and moving.  


There is a crucial connection between reaching out for help and growth.

Endless Possibility

I have witnessed many times over the years, people move from a place of hopelessness to a place of confidence, passion, and victory.  

Helping clients find their inner strength and capacity for healing

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